Inspired By Tiffanys – Designed by Mummy !

I can honestly say I was dreaming about planning a baby’s nursery for a long time, so imagine my excitement at designing a nursery for twin girls ! Twin Daddy was very surprised that I wasn’t waving samples of pink paint under his nose, instead I took inspiration from one of my favourite films, Breakfast at Tiffanys and decided to go for a Tiffany Blue Nursery.

I wanted it to have whimsical features so we used a Tree Stencil on the walls and I added little Bird houses along with a small ‘Fairy Door’.  When the girls are older I can tell them all about the fairies watching them and making sure they are behaving !

On each of their cots is a wooden initial along with a pink princess canopy.

I designed a small ‘ Baby Boutique’ where all their shoes stand proudly on display along with outfits of the day !

I added pink butterflies to the lights and Tutu’s to the plain white curtains.

Finally, there is a small ‘Fairytale corner’ where we can read bedtime stories.  I found an old vintage rocking chair on ebay and have filled a shelf with books and photos of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

It turned out exactly as I hoped and I hope the girls enjoy it as they grow.

image image image image image image




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