Running in heels and walking in Bluebells !

The last week has seen numerous embarrassing incidents ! Firstly, after becoming over excited at the local soft play area Gracie was sick in the sensory room being an ever prepared mama of twins I swiftly whipped out a tissue from my bag to clear up the mess. However, upon exiting the dark lights of the sensory room it turned out I had in fact mopped up with a sanitary towel ! (NB. not actually that effective on banana sick!) Clearly, I carry too many around as when I returned from work the day before twin daddy had re-stocked the nappy basket with them ! (I found them in your nappy bag he argued!) Then whilst popping to the local supermarket I was bent down in the canned vegetable aisle deciding which sweetcorn to buy when there was a noisy clattering of cans and trolleys swerving out of the way, the one we call faith had in fact pulled a whole tray of beans out and onto the floor (she’s freakishly strong for 11mths old !)

So I decided we would have a nice relaxing afternoon in the garden – I popped the girls in their walkers and it was nice and sunny so decided to start painting a small bird house for the garden. As I pulled off the plastic tag the lid flew off and promptly landed on Faith’s head and coat – she looked at me in disdain whilst narrowing her eyes ‘ Your gonna clean that off you know !’ so after all of 39 seconds in the sunshine it was all back inside to clean off. During bathtime twin daddy pipes up ‘ Has faith got paint in her hair ?!!’ …. Damn it missed a bit !

I was therefore hoping for a chaos free day at work yesterday but lo and behold I was headed into london on the day of the tube strike ! Running in heels amongst the hundreds of delayed and angry commuters was not the best start to the day !

After all the chaos I was thankful this week for a quiet walk among the Blubells with the girls and an evening in front of Sex and the City with a glass of my 55 Calories rose (8lbs + 20 Dairy Milk Lu chocolate bars left to lose !) – I’m ready for the Chaos again now !


2 thoughts on “Running in heels and walking in Bluebells !

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  1. Love this! Sounds remarkably like my days except I’m not brave enough to leave the house yet with my twins 🙂 Sounds like you deserve that quiet walk and especially the glass of wine x

    1. I was so scared the first time I went out I made it to the end of the road and turned back ! I gave myself little goals each week and it built up my confidence 🙂 just getting through the days in the first few months is a big achievement I’m sure your doing a fab job 🙂

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