Ah…. That’s not avocado !!!!



I took this photo today and I think it pretty much sums up the week – chaotic !  With the tube delays , teething and throwing up incidents , I’m ready for twin daddy’s day off for an extra pair of hands to share the load !

I shouldn’t have been surprised then with a couple of final incidents to round off the week. Due to the girls feeling a morning nap was no longer required by lunch time they were both pretty grumpy and I got them down sharpish for their lunch nap, in my hurry I must have put Gracie’s grow bag on back to front and almost had a heart attack when I went to check her ! She looked like the exorcist child with her head back to front !

Dinner rolled around and following a banana avocado dessert combo I started the bedtime routine. I was just about to take Faith up to the bath when I noticed avocado all under her feeding chair, I started to clean it up and apologised to her for getting half her pudding on the floor when I noticed I’d gotten it all down her leg too ! Upon closer inspection it became apparent it wasn’t avocado ! Seems the pampers couldn’t contain that one ! Thank god I hadn’t licked my fingers !

Thankfully , this evening a dear friend popped over layden with hot chocolate and sanctuary face masks ! Just what a tired mama needed so surprisingly after all the chaos feeling relaxed….. Well until it all begins again tomorrow !


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