Two moments in time -Changed us forever !

I cannot believe the girls are almost one ! I’ve been feeling really emotional this week looking back on the year and how much they have grown ! They were such tiny little dolls when we brought them home from the hospital and now they are like real little girls cruising around , laughing with each other and babbling their little chatter.

I honestly say every day how lucky we are to have them. Being a mummy to the girls is the most important thing I have ever done and I feel it’s where I am meant to be.

I set up two clocks on a shelf in the living room and a put a picture of the girls at 2 days old beside them. The clocks are stopped at the times the girls were born. It reminds me every day of that moment and how our lives completely changed. I think their birthday will always be the happiest day of my life.

So I expect the day it’s self to be emotional ! I’m just finalising all the special things I’ve got planned for them and then a few days later we are having a party. Twin daddy was concerned about the party when I told him we would need a budget/strategic meetings and when he was appointed a chief prop exec, but he seems to have joined the party train and has let me get on with things !  Though he did stop me when I told him I was drafting an email to Elton John to see if he could swing by and play ‘tiny dancer ‘ for us ! ( we call the girls tiny dancers and sing it to them !)

Anyway, the party will be to celebrate the girls, to surviving the first year of being parents and to being parents of twins ! And to thank everyone who has been on the journey with us – I think I better stock up on Kleenex that day !






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