Twin daddy – more than a helping hand !

The weekend is here and so excited to spend some time with twin daddy and the girls.  Now I’m back working even though it’s only part time it means we usually only get one day a week all together so a whole weekend is rare !

There has been lots of teething this week and the girls have wanted to tell me all about it every morning at 3.30am ! Fortunately there was only one time when one woke the other and there were two screaming babas trying their best to wake the neighbours !  In the early days in the wee small hours of the morning two crying babies would fill me with fear – who do you comfort first ? How can you try and settle both at the same time ? It would make you feel useless, but it’s much less daunting now. I think because I’m on my own so much with the girls I’ve had to learn to overcome my worries and when you succeed at dealing with the daily mini dramas it builds your confidence.

But I’m really excited that twin daddy has some time off work during the next couple of weeks so we can enjoy some family time and the extra pair of helping hands is always welcome !  Even though I know I can do most things with the girls it’s always much easier with another pair of hands.  My friends mum came over one evening this week to see the girls and as bath time approached she took off her cardigan and offered her help – it was really appreciated and bath time was that little bit easier.

As their first birthday approaches I’ve been reflecting on how far we have all come. Those first 8 weeks were so tough especially the first three when the girls were in nicu. I actually think that stood me in good stead for the year ahead and prepared my for the start of life as a twin mama. Every evening twin daddy would leave the hospital around 10pm and then it was just me and the girls until he came back at 10am the next day. I’d waddle ( post c-section) from the ward up to nicu for midnight, 3am, 6 am until the sun came up and I know twin daddy would soon be here to help.  Most of his paternity leave was used up during our time in hospital and by the time we got home he had to go back to work a couple of days later. It wasn’t the start of family life that I had envisaged but it was reality and like I said it stood me in good stead for the first year!

Even more crazy we moved house 3 weeks later ! I was packing up boxes between the 2/3 hourly feeds !  Obviously it was stress central and we did bicker through sheer exhaustion but at the same time it made us an amazing team. He is such a hands on daddy and he has no fear of doing anything with the girls and we are so blessed to have him.

So this post is really a tribute to him, he may not always ‘hear’ the baby monitor at those 3.30am call outs but he is always ‘here’ when we need him. He is truly my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better role model for the girls to call daddy, and I’m so lucky he’s been by my side holding my hand during our first year as parents.


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  1. Loving your posts & the girls are having so much fun already in their short lives. Hope your gonna keep a hard copy for the girls for when they are

    1. They are growing up so quickly ! Funny you should say about a hard copy I’ve been keeping a little diary and ideas book for them so will have to add these to it 🙂 xx

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