I need a restraining order !

Is it possible to take out a restraining order against yourself ? Because I think I need one ! Having two twin girls is the perfect excuse to buy adorable outfits although it does nothing for my shopaholic tendencies !

Twin daddy sat me down and specifically told me that we have to watch our spending for the next couple of months. I sat listening duly nodding and agreeing and I honestly accepted what he was saying …… Until I just quickly popped into TK Maxx …. This week they had some adorable girls outfits and I could feel myself hyperventilating as I grabbed up the cute finds ! All the while I could hear twin daddy’s voice in my head telling me ‘ do you need this’ ( The mantra I am supposed to use every time I go shopping !) I could hear myself quickly responding ‘ Yes , yes , yes ‘ and off I trotted to pay.

I was slightly anxious as I came home, though when it comes to buying for the girls I find it’s incredibly easy to shrug of my guilt and I rarely show remorse after these mini sprees !

As, this was my third shopping trip in as many weeks I am going to try really hard to reign it in for the next few weeks – failing that I will need to look into getting that restraining order issued against me to keep me away from any potential shopping destinations !

Anyway, I loved the outfits and can’t wait for the girls to try them on – They are perfect for summer and so cute – Now I wonder where I could find co-ordinated adult outfits ?!!!



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