A One-derland 1st Birthday !

So after months (ok, really years !) of planning the girls first birthday has been and gone ! It was a great day shared with special friends and family and the girls really enjoyed it ( bar a slight meltdown at the end – Hot day and no lunch time nap so acceptable ! ) 

I was so pleased with how the party turned out and it was all things Alice in wonderland ! 

The hi-lights were the amazing cake and our ‘Alice’ entertainer.  I found a great cake maker who did a fabulous job of creating the girls tumbling down a rabbit hole, a mad hatters hat and a Cheshire cat ! It was a wonderland extravaganza !


We had lots of children coming and our ‘Alice’ was just perfect for keeping them entertained. From singing, dancing, balloon games and bubbles all the little ones could join in and have fun. 


I’m really into theming so all the small details were a big part of the day for me.  I had lots of props to keep in with the theme – From whimsical signs, drink me bottles, white rabbits,  large pocket watches and giant playing cards there were little wonderland touches throughout the venue.  I made a floral table arrangement in a giant wicker cupcake with Alice quotes that added some colour to tables.


I kept the food simple with a mad hatter afternoon tea theme – The sandwiches were heart and rabbit shaped ( Cookie Cutters ! ) , there were queen of heart tarts and ‘Eat Me’ cakes and treats dotted around !  My talented friend made some Alice themed cupcakes which looked amazing dotted between the treats !  Tweedle dee and Tweedle Dum punch was served to guests in little vintage inspired paper cups.  The afternoon tea was laid out on a head table with an artificial grass table runner and little toadstools and flowers nestling around the food. For the little ones there was a ‘Candy Bar’ filled with bunny eggs and magic floss and lots of little sweet treats!


I wanted a little keepsake to look back on so we left a copy of Alice in Wonderland on the present table and people were able to leave their wishes for the girls in the book.


I’m a little sad it’s all over now but it was a great way to celebrate the girls first year and I’m already thinking of what to do for the next one ! 


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