There’s no place like home

We’ve just returned from a few days away by the coast and it’s back to reality ! It’s lovely to go away and we had a great few days on our road trip but as Dorothy says ‘ There’s no place like home ‘ and home is the focus of my week. 

The girls got some lovely gifts for their birthday and this week I am going to try and find homes for them all ! Currently, the toys have all found homes in the baskets in their bedroom and the living room so that was easy !  They have spent hours being entertained by ball pools, toy tea pots, puzzles , books and bath toys ! 

The next stage is to organise all the new outfits. They got some beautiful dresses and outfits and I am going to do a style blog on all their new additions later this week ! 

They also received some really beautiful keepsakes. An adorable money box and twin handled cup with little elephants on has been stored away until their destruction stage has passed !  I brought them some delicate embroidered hankies (sentimental mama !) with a really cute poem on for their future wedding days ! I am going to keep these until they are older but I wanted to get something special to mark their 1st Year and I found a fantastic lady who made them for me and I was so pleased with them.


And finally, a few amazing pieces of art from two of my lovely friends.  Personlised Alice in Wonderland prints and a print of twins on the beach – I thought these were really beautiful  personalised gifts for the girls and something that I will always treasure.


The girls were totally spoiled and I am so thankful that they have so many special people in their lives.

Twin daddy has a few more days off work so I am going to make the most of it and get the house organised ! There may have been a delivery from Laura Ashley and Homebase so watch out for future home decor updates !


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