The Christmas Jar

So this week has been a pretty busy week ! We had a leak in the kitchen that resulted in basically the whole kitchen getting refitted, which meant that over a couple of days we had to get out of the house while the builders took over.
The night before I spent the evening emptying out the cupboards and drawers in preparation for the work to be carried out. Whilst packing away breakables I checked in on my Christmas Jars progress – maternity leave has impacted it’s progress but I found a few coins in the tidying up and popped them in.


I thought that as it’s June it would be ok to mention the C word and maybe give you the chance to start a jar.

When i started ‘memories from mummy’ it was something for the girls to have to look back on some lovely memories. I wanted to make new traditions with them throughout the whole of the year, but especially at Christmas! I came across the book ‘The Christmas Jars’ and loved the sweet sentiment behind the idea so decided to start a jar.
(I won’t spoil the story in case you read it!)

When we were growing up every year our mum would get us to donate to a local toy appeal at Christmas. The toys were for children in emergency housing over the holidays. We would have to save our money to get something small and would all go into town to buy it and drop it off at the appeal. We actually struggled for lots of things as my mum brought us up alone, I remember one year we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree but I think she wanted us to realise that we had a home and that was the most important thing. It’s something that has always stayed with me and something I wanted to pass onto the girls. We lost my mum in 2002 but every year I have carried on with the appeal and it’s grown with my lovely friends and family who take part each year – last year there were over a 100 presents donated.

I incorporated the jar last year and I like to see it slowly building up – it also reminds me every day how fortunate I am. So if your looking for a new tradition to start give the book a read and start a jar , Christmas is just around the corner !


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