This too shall pass….

What a week ! ‘This too shall pass’…. has definitely been my mantra this week !


The poor girls have been poorly this week so we have been housebound, bar three trips to the doctors, and it’s not been much fun. For 4 nights we were up every hour throughout the night and the sleep deprivation and lack of energy struck me Monday when I started to feel ill. Mama down ! The house went to pot, I didn’t shower for 3 days and there may have been a big fall out with twin daddy – through sheer exhaustion and feeling sorry for myself – like I said not much fun ! Thankfully the last two nights the girls have slept well and are slowly getting better. I have gotten through 2 packets of cold and flu, 1 box of ibuprofen and 300 tea bags and just about starting to feel human again !


The girls are napping and twin daddy has nipped to the gym so I’m laying on the sofa and having a few minutes to myself.

I get so worried when the girls are ill, every symptom scares you and as soon as you stop worrying about one you start worrying about the other. Being a mama is a constant worry making sure you are doing the best you can, but when they are poorly my worrying goes through the roof and the sheer level of responsibility can be overwhelming at times especially if twin daddy is not around to offer reassuring words – luckily the girls are hardly ever poorly(knock on wood!), but when they are I’m lucky we have a lovely doctors who don’t make you feel bad for ringing and bringing them down.

Anyway, fingers crossed we are all on the mend and hopefully we can get out and enjoy some fresh air in the next couple of days !!

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