If your a bird, I’m a bird….. A Notebook inspired bedroom.

Those who know me will know my favourite film is ‘ The Notebook’ I have watched it a million times and cried just as much each time ! I love romance so when I was thinking about decorating the bedroom I thought I would take inspiration from my love of all things romantic and of course ‘The Notebook ‘.  Once I had convinced twin daddy this didn’t involve posters of Ryan Gosling hanging from the walls he seemed to relax and get on board.

The first thing I found was the wall quote and this was the basis for the design. I thought it would be nice to go with a bird theme and as it was already going to be girly and romantic I thought it would help if I avoided pink and went for a cream and duck egg blue colour scheme !




I spent months looking for the perfect wallpaper and I finally found it ! I love the little birds and the postcard details , just like romantic love notes !


I found a really cute shelf that I thought would look great above the bed and I accessorised it with a cream bird cage, candles and books. I love the green wooden quote with the little bird carved into it !



I wanted a little nook where I could retreat to if I felt like chilling out in the bedroom so I made up a little reading corner, I’m thinking it will be so snugly on a winter evening snuggled under a throw drinking hot chocolate !


I went for plain bedding as the bed backs up to the wallpapered wall. I just added some cushions with details and a couple of throws. At the end of the bed I put a table Twin daddy painted (we found it at a car boot sale) and I added some suitcases on top.



A few few final touches included a framed quote from the film, a vintage nightdress on a bird hook and some romantic signs and mirrors.



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