Cotton Candy Cupcakes !

It’s finally Friday and these cupcakes were just what I needed ! It’s been a busy week again ! I’ve been trying to drop the girls down to one nap with mixed results ! It’s played havoc with the daytime routine ! They were waking up super early (4.45/5am) and the bewitching hour was beginning at 3 o’clock, however we are making progress and are getting back on track !  Between the early mornings/nap chaos and a 5 hour work commute ( hate the m25!) I’m shattered !

Anyway, it started raining during our afternoon walk today , after only 5 minutes out I was running back home ! I needed something to occupy the girls so I decided to do some quick baking ! I had some candy floss in the cupboard to try out these cupcakes but hadn’t had a chance before so decided to try them !

image   imageimageimage

They definitely gave me a sugar high for the rest of the afternoon ! The girls like watching and playing with the spatulas – and I let them try the cupcakes (minus the frosting and floss – they don’t need any extra energy !) and they went down a treat ! I’ve stored up a batch to get me through the next week !

image image


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