Baby Boutique – Cute Coats !

Still loving the sunshine but the drizzle showers in between means bringing extra layers everywhere we go ! This week we went for a walk and got caught in a shower luckily we hadn’t got far but running in flip flops pushing a double buggy was not the relaxing stroll I had planned ! The girls thought it was funny and were laughing through the raindrops !

So to keep the girls dry I pulled out a couple of coats from the wardrobe this week. A really sweet pink Ted Baker bow coat, It’s lining is floral so I like to turn up the sleeves so you can see the pattern. It’s so pretty and not too heavy so perfect to go over little summer dresses !


The second was actually a little gilet. Twin daddy has a North face one and my friend brought the girls these little white ones. They are super soft and look really cute with leggings !


I’ve been organising the girls wardrobe and sorting through the clothes they don’t fit into, looking back at the Tiny Baby rompers makes me super broody ! I can’t bear to throw them away so I’m going to try and make a memory blanket out of them, but I have managed to make a pile of pieces to sell, I’ve got my eye on some lovely things for them for winter so the extra funds will come in handy !


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