Is that a thermometer in your ponytail ?

It’s been a pox of a week ! Chicken pox has struck the one we call Faith ! It all started off innocently enough with a little rash on her chest Monday evening – she was still tearing around stealing dummies and causing standard daily destruction so I wasn’t too concerned.


Gracie has been struggling with her teeth and I spent most of Monday evening into Tuesday morning tending to her to the point where I actually slept on the landing floor ( townhouses and teething toddlers don’t mix !) , so through bleary eyes on Tuesday I noticed faiths rash was spreading . In my usual rash related panic I rushed off to the doctors before I put a bra on and of course that’s the day I wore a sheer t – shirt ! Thankfully I realised my error in the car park, though my only option was to put on a winter coat I keep in the boot of the car – it was 25 degrees that day but it was sweat or flash !  The doctor assured me it was just a viral rash or an allergic reaction to something.

So Wednesday I headed to work whilst twin daddy looked after the girls and during his photo updates it was clear the rash was spreading to her face – more medical assistance suggested to try piriton.  Thankfully,  the school holidays meant the M25 was kind to me and I was home for bath time and that’s when I thought this is not right – I’ll give it until the morning and let the piriton kick in.  It didn’t ! So back to the doctors where I didn’t even get sat down in the waiting room before numerous grannies came and diagnosed ‘ The Pox’ ! ….. The doctor was really nice, confirmed the pox and wished me luck as he sent me on my way !

Whilst queuing for the calamine lotion and calpol a lady tapped me on the shoulder ‘ excuse me miss you seem to have a thermometer in your hair ‘…… Yep that’s about right and there it will stay ! Nurse mummy for the next couple of weeks!


So we are battening down the hatches and waiting for the next bout from Gracie , and even though I’ve got support from Elsa, Anna and repunzel , wish me luck while the pox passes !



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