Baby Boutique – Dresses in the forest !

Last week I had a BIG sort out of all the girls clothes and came across loads of dresses they still haven’t worn yet.  As it’s still so nice I thought I’d get them out and worn ! Granted they are more for parties and the day I decide to get them dressed in coral lace dresses we had a play date on a treetop forest walk but I carried on regardless ! Gracie looked really cute trying to climb up tree stumps with her bow falling out !


They also wore some floral dungarees this week – I love dungarees on them. One of my closest friends loves wearing dungarees and every time I put the girls in them it reminds me of her ! They look really sweet with their little converse trainers too.

image image

I have been sooooooo good and haven’t brought the girls anything new for a while, but I’m looking forward to getting them some new bits for autumn /winter ! Last year I went for a ‘Russian winter’  look for us all ( I had watched Anna Karenina and that became my inspiration ! ) I’ve already decided on this years look so hope I can find what I’m looking for !


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