Everything stops for Tea…..

I’m just sitting down with a nice cup of tea and cake ! The girls are both napping and this is the one chance of the day I can actually drink a hot cup of tea !


Tea has always been a part of my day. For as long as I can remember my family have always been big tea drinkers – my cousin and I are particularly tea mad. When we get together the pot of tea is constantly being refilled over our endless chatter at the kitchen table.  By far my favourite tea is ‘Barry’s ‘ it’s an Irish blend and just reminds me of my summers spent in Ireland with my family. 

I’ve started making tea in travel mugs too – it keeps warm longer and I can rescue another half drunk cup of tea if I transfer it and bring it on our afternoon walks !  

My kitchen is filled with tea tributes and I love displaying different tea cups and tea accessories. I found this shelf on Amazon and it looks perfect in the kitchen with plenty of tea items on display. 

image image imageimage image

I got these little tea sets for my birthday. I love the Alice in wonderland tins. I love using the tea infuser to make a ‘ proper’ cup of tea in a pretty cup and saucer ! 


Of course tea must always be served with cake or biscuits and this little tin is perfect for storing either. 


I can’t wait until the girls are old enough to try some tea – they practice pretend tea drinking now with their soft tea set ! It will be so nice to take them for Afternoon Tea , if I could have afternoon tea every day I would ! I love finding new tea rooms especially little vintage inspired ones.  We went to Betty’s in York and it was just lovely – I even got some Betty’s tea !  


Once the girls are bigger I will start a little tradition of weekly afternoon tea either at home or as a treat out somewhere I think it’s so nice to sit and chatter over a cup of tea.  



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