Pumpkin spice and everything nice…. That’s what Autums made of !

As we head into the last few days of August I’ve been busy planning my ‘Fall Decor’ …. I love decorating the house for autumn and halloween and plan my theme months before, if I don’t start planning little bits in advance it probably wouldn’t get done !

So this years plans are well underway ! I’ve been to a local farm to pick up supplies and I’ve been making decor to accessorize the house and garden ! Twin daddy thinks I’m crazy but I love doing it and I hope as the girls get older they will enjoy getting involved.

I can’t wait to pull it all together so stay tuned for that next week !


Before I share this years theme and design I thought I would give you a glimpse into last years halloween decor. ย The theme was a ‘ Dead & Breakfast ‘. I roped twin daddy into helping me make signs to dot around the house. I just used scrap bits of mdf and sample pots of paint to create some homemade decor !

image image

I made the little arrow signs from plain wooden arrows and just painted them and add the street names. The witches legs were ย tights stuffed with cushion stuffing with witch shoe toppers – I thought it looked like the witch from OZ being squashed under a house ! I decorated the windows with witch pumpkins and spooky mice.


The hallway was decorated with autumn leaves, ย another set of witch legs and more spooky mice.


I filled the kitchen shelves with creepy jars of treats !

image image image

Of course the girls celebrated their 1st Halloween and they had little witch hats to wear ! We always finish off the evening drinking creepy eyeball hot chocolate and watching Hocus Pocus !

image image

Im so excited to get working on this years decor !


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