Seasonal Decor – Pumpkin Patch !

September is here and the first whispers of autumn have arrived ! The trees around our house have started dropping burnt orange leaves and they crunch beneath our feet as we come and go ! I’ve started getting the house ready for the change in the season with spiced candles, pumpkin breads, apple pies and of course it’s an excuse to decorate !

I’m starting with the garden, well the patio ! I wanted to make a little pumpkin patch for the girls.

I started off by making the signs with tester pots of paint and mdf pieces of wood. I used stencils for the lettering on the signs.


I went to a local farm to get the bail of straw and used a little picket fence for edging.  I found the little scarecrows for £1 each and then planted up a container with orange and yellow flowers ! It’s a bit early for pumpkins but I found a squash at the local supermarket and I will add pumpkins once I find some !



I’m really pleased with how it turned out ! I still have the hallway and front door to do so keep an eye out for more updates over the next couple of weeks !






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