Tales from ‘temporary’ single mama of twins !

I am eagerly awaiting the return of twin daddy – he’s been away with work for the last 10 days so it’s been just me and the girls ! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks without him here !

He had been gone all of 3 hours when I was back at the doctors with Faith – Chicken pox complications ! Of course the appointment fell as nap time came and went so whilst waiting to pick up the prescriptions there was a twin meltdown ! The kind people in the waiting room were full of helpful words ‘ wouldn’t want to be you ‘ , ‘good job you’ve just got them and no more  ‘ !

That evening the girls decided they don’t need bath seats and much better to stand up and down , in & out of the seats ! As I was getting one out the other climbed out and two wet babies were running around on a wooden floor ! I scooped them both up into the cots with no time to put nappies on – within 0.25 seconds faith was weeing everywhere !!! I quickly got the nappies on and transferred her into Gracie’s cot while I changed the bedding- they were suddenly quiet and as I turned around Gracie was  giving Faith a ‘foot up’ and she had one leg over the cot !  Clearly thinking cot jail break was the way to go Gracie quickly pulled her self over the bars ! I have never gotten gro-bags on so quickly !!

Thankfully the next few days passed by with just the ‘normal twin chaos’  toilet roll displays in supermarkets pulled over, me leaving the house in a hurry and bra less a couple of times , twins attempting to de baby proof the house , etc ! Standard daily stuff.

image image

Both girls are walking really well now and faith has caught up really quickly – seems even chicken pox and piriton won’t slow her down ! Anyway,instead of a buggy afternoon walk I thought we would try actually walking …. I’m not that brave yet so thought I would use little reins.  I got them on the girls and off we trotted. After a couple of minutes both girls decided to get down and start crawling ! They haven’t crawled in weeks and suddenly I’m a crazy lady walking my twin toddler puppies on leads !

Day 9 of flying solo rolled around and I thought I better start preparing for daddies return ! I want to have a chilled movie night with him so I’ve made a little ‘welcome home movie kit’ with all his favourite treats , we went to the local farm shop to stock up on some yummy food !



I’ve not had much time for myself the last couple of weeks but as it’s also twin daddies birthday this weekend,  I dedicated 15 minutes of the girls nap time to preparing myself for his return – I even used a brand new razor !


Although, it’s been hectic and lonely at times I think we’ve managed ok. I managed to stick to spending very little money ( it doesn’t count if it’s on the next account !)  and we’ve been to the zoo ( ok local farm with a pig and donkeys !) and the aqaurium ( The fish section at the garden centre – They had a stingray !)

I’m lucky I have fab friends who have visited and my lovely cousins sending care packages ( chocolate based !) have gotten me through but I can’t wait for twin daddy to come home !


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