Soft Clothes Sunday !

People close to me will know I affectionately refer to Sundays as ‘Soft Clothes Sunday’ . I love the whole feel of Sundays ! Pre twins they usually involved lounging in bed , drinking tea and listening to Sunday Love Songs on the radio followed by a bubble bath before dressing in ‘soft clothes’ . This usually consisted of comfy leggings or over the knee socks and chunky cardis ! Normally some baking followed and then the evenings always ended with a film and snacks !

image image















Apart, from the lay ins and the morning bubble bath the tradition of soft clothes Sunday has survived the arrival of the twins. Last Sunday ,Gracie was snuggling into me whilst I twirled us around to the love songs, I’m wearing my comfy clothes ( granted since the twins they are out more than just Sundays !) and a couple of Sundays a month I manage some baking. Relaxing baths have moved to the evening and the local farm shop helps provide our movie night snacks ! ( Apple Pie & Chocolate Milk yummy !)



It’s the one day of the week I try and avoid doing jobs during the girls nap time so that I can relax with some tea and cake !


I love the family feel of a Sunday even if twin daddy isn’t always here it’s nice to have the little Sunday traditions to look forward to each week !


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