Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas !

What a week ! It’s been such a busy week this week and suddenly we are in December ! Last weekend I did my first craft fair and it was really nice getting everything set up and looking Christmassy ! Here’s a little picture from my stall.


Sunday rolled around and we had plans to take the girls to a Christmas fair, but by lunchtime I wasn’t feeling that festive and the girls were a bit peeky too so we snuggled up instead. By dinner time things were getting worse. Unfortunately, it seems we picked up a bug and twin daddy spent the night holding back our hair and dashing between us all ! Thankfully by Wednesday we were all feeling better so finally we could start embracing December and kicked off our advent of traditions ! Here’s a picture from Day 2 on the advent.


So our theme for Christmas is based on one of my favourite Christmas movies , Meet Me In St Louis ! I want a vintage feel to this years festivities so I’m going for traditional greens & reds, lots of candles   Wooden toys for the girls and hopefully I will have time for some old fashioned baking ! I’ve also got the girls some cute little red velvet dresses with white faux fur trim !


I wanted to decorate the house with a giant red bow around the outside of the house but apparently twin daddy didn’t think the fire brigade would be happy to come out and ‘help’ so that idea is on hold for now !

Now, if only I could make it snow and have a horse drawn carriage on Christmas Day it would be perfect !

I’ll be posting lots of updates throughout December with present ideas, baking , wrapping ideas , outfits and general Christmas love so keep an eye out !


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