Christmas Pandoro !

I’ve been doing our advent of traditions with the girls and today’s advent was to celebrate a tradition from around the world. Last year we celebrated St Nicholas Day by cleaning our boots and waiting to see if they would be filled with sweets in the morning, it was such a cute tradition that I kept it in for this year and I think I’ll be keeping this years in next years advent – Pandoro Christmas Bread !

image imageimage

Traditionally from Verona the bread is baked in a special mould so that when it’s cut you can build a tree shaped bread. It was sprinkled with icing sugar to reflect the snow on the Italian mountains.

image image

It’s quite a sweet bread abit similar to brioche and so yummy !


It was really easy to cut and would make a great centre piece for Christmas morning breakfast , I think this will be a permanent addition to our christmas traditions !

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