Happy New Year – Mummy’s the word !

Happy New Year everyone !

We had such a nice chilled out Christmas but it just flew past ! The weeks (ok months!) of build up and planning and it was here and gone so quickly, I actually had my first bout of post Christmas blues this year !


Anyway, 2015 is here and I’m excited to see what the year has in store ! The girls are 20 months old now and honestly they are into everything , they are full of excitement and leave a wake of destruction wherever they go ! They are starting a little toddler dance class this week so that should be interesting !

I’ve been super busy getting some new designs ready for the facebook page. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with the girls I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone, we didn’t put up the scan picture but instead we shared this snap to let people know about our new arrivals !


It inspired me to create a range of pregnancy announcement cards ! It’s been making me broody but I have loved playing around with the designs,  Here’s a couple of my favourites !


image image

I’ve been working on a custom order so my secret keeping is really working overtime with this range, but I think they are such a cute way to share a big announcement, so mummy’s the word until the news is shared !


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