Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart – Pooh

Happy Mother’s Day ! I’m enjoying a cup of tea in bed and listening to radio 2 ! A perfect Mothers Day treat !


It’s been such a busy couple of months it’s nice to slow down for a morning and relax ! I’ve been working on lots of new ideas for the facebook page which has been filling up any spare time I have. I love designing the stationary range so do keep an eye out for the new products and I’ll be blogging party ideas too !

Anyway, the last few weeks have seen some new changes – Twin daddy started a new position at work which meant he doesn’t get days off in the week so he couldn’t look after the girls on the days I worked. So they have started nursery and they love it. There is some tears at drop off from them and me but we are a few weeks in now and it’s getting easier, they are almost two but it’s still hard to let get ! The flip side is twin daddy is home every weekend which has been amazing, we are able to have proper family time and spend quality time together so I am really making the most of it !


So after the initial change in routine I’m starting to get the nursery drop off down,  it’s VERY manic in the house on a Monday morning as I try and get two busy toddlers dressed,fed and out the door by 8am whilst ensuring I look work presentable ! Last week, I had an early meeting and was rushing around as usual, the girls were hiding their shoes and coats, and I was using my new liquid crayon blusher (my make up routine is 45 seconds, foundation, eyeliner, mascara & blusher crayon !!) as I applied it one of the girls started to ride along on the others back ( daddy is normally the role of the donkey !) and as I flew out to stop an injury I forget to rub in the crayon. So once we were finally bundled into the car and off I didn’t even realise I looked like bosco the clown ! Thankfully I caught sight of myself in the car mirror as we pulled up to nursery !

The following week one of the girls had a fall at nursery . I spent the evening at the hospital as they thought she had fractured her clavicle but after X-rays and a follow up a few days later she was given the all clear, unfortunately we picked up the vomiting bug and spent most of last weekend confined to the house – we went through so much laundry we ended up sleeping on towels !

The girls are turning two in May and I still don’t know where the time has gone ! I am honestly so thankful for all the chaos and truly blessed to be their mummy!  There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have children and following years of fertility treatment and a breakdown in a relationship it was something I had to try and accept.


When I met twin daddy I was really honest about the fertility issues and he was so understanding. We were just about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary when I was complaining about feeling poorly. I’d been working lots and traveling lots of miles in the car so I put it down to being run down.  So when my friend suggested I took a pregnancy test I laughed at her, twin daddy had been working loads we hadn’t even seen each other, but I agreed and brought the cheapest one ! I remember literally throwing it when it came back positive ! I rushed out to the shops and brought more all of which said the same thing ! I’d been bleeding so called the doctors and was sent for a scan the following day – as we laid on the bed the nurse turned up the sound and we heard the heartbeat it was the most amazing feeling in the world ! Then she went quiet and turned the screen from us – I started quietly panicking and after what seemed like an eternity she turned to us and said ‘ it looks like there are twins in here ‘ !


It was amazing news and I honestly feel so blessed to have been given the chance to be a mummy. They teach me so much and I’ve learned so much about myself. It has been so hard at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I lost my mum, Mothers Day was always a difficult day and having the girls has helped fill the void she left.  I am truly thankful for the legacy of love she left me to help me raise the girls the same way.  I am also lucky that I’m surrounded by strong, amazing, hardworking and loving mummies who inspire me to be the best mummy I can be.


Happy Mother’s Day Mummies – ‘ To the world you might be one just person, but to one person you might just be the world’



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