Twins about to turn two !

Where is this year going ?! I can’t believe it’s May already ! I hope you all had a great Easter, ours was chocolate filled though we did a few Easter egg hunts so pretty sure I burned off the extra calories chasing around after the girls !


The girls are about to turn 2 and it only feels like yesterday that I was waddling about barely able to move waiting to have them ! I’ve been busy making preparations for their birthday, twin daddy gave me strict instructions that I was not throwing a big party this year so we are having a ‘gathering’ at our house instead , I’m hoping it’s sunny as the guest list is bigger than our tiny living room can cope with and my whole party , I mean gathering, revolves around a gazebo in the garden !

I’ve spent ages planning the theme and bringing all the small touches together so I hope the girls enjoy it. I will post all the pictures and details after the party !  Last year we did Alice in Wonderland and we’ve gone for a princess theme this year !


They are growing up so fast which is lovely to watch but it makes me miss the baby stage ! I keep going back and fourth on when/if to expand our family but I think for now we will enjoy the rest of this year as a family of four and leave anything else in the hands of the stork !


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