Mama moments – Girls date night

I think I mentioned before I’m a big movie fan, Before the girls arrived, twin daddy and I spent many a night at the cinema or tucked up in bed watching a film. We used to do back to back films at our local cinema and it was a sad day when we put our unlimited passes away !  Now most of our movie nights are at home and I sometimes make extra touches to make it feel like we are in a date night !


Thankfully two of my favourite girly friends are always willing to come with me to see the latest chick flick !

This week my ‘mamas moment’ was a trip to the cinema to see ‘ The Longest Ride’, now pretty much everyone who knows me, knows my favourite film is The Notebook, so any Nicholas sparks films are always on my list to see, they can be a bit cheesy for some, but I’m a girl who likes the cheese, the more the better I say and I’m a girl who loves romance and these films give it to me in heaps ! I love all the books so I was excited to see the film.


The lead character is a cowboy and I have currently spent the last couple of days persuading twin daddy to wear a Stetson and talk southern to me !

Anyway, it’s set in North Carolina and the scenery and country music soundtrack were both right up my street. The two love stories run together throughout the film and flick between the 1940’s and the present day.  I won’t go into the story in case your planning to see it but if your a sparks fan you’ll enjoy this romantic tale of love overcoming challenges.

Stock up on tissues as it’s a bit of a weepy ! You’ll come away wanting a cowboy of your own or feeling grateful for your own cowboy waiting at home for you !


More mama moments next week !

Have a good weekend mamas xx

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