Sail away with me mama !

Eeeek ! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, the girls decided to climb out of their cots …. In their sleep bags ! Cue panic attacks and copious glasses of vino ! Bedtime , nap time it’s all party time for them and the new found freedom has sent us all into Chaos ! They have pulled out the contents of the wardrobe to play hide and seek , climbed into each other’s beds to jump up and down and literally done anything possible to stay up as long as possible ! Drastic measures were called for and I quickly looked for my gina ford book who helpfully tells you to ride it out and nothing about dealing with two ! I’m chanting my mantra ‘ this too shall pass’ to help me through !


Whilst in the midst of this transiston I was delighted to receive this months My Little Box. With days spent trying to tire the girls out this was just the little treat I needed, unfortunately due to above chaos I’ve barely had time to try it out, but as things have started to settle back down I was able to delve into it yesterday.


This months box had a nautical theme and I love the details in the packaging. After a twin related dispute with my favourite sunglasses I was over the moon to have these cute glasses in the box, I’ve not stopped wearing them !


The the canvas tote was covered in bows and I’m using it to store the girls thousands of hair clips and bows ! This months products were a nail varnish, hair serum and body exfoliator perfect for holiday prep ! There were also a couple of cute pop up bags which I’m going to use to store bits in the bathroom.

I’m hopeful for a better week but who knows, being a twin mama to toddlers is full of surprises and although it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks their little personalities make up for the chaos and keep me sane (ish) !

image image imageimage

Have a great weekend mamas xx

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