Summertime Surprise Project

I love surprises ! Since having the girls I’m greeted with surprises on a regular basis, this week I’ve been faced with a toilet incident on a cream carpet and crafty crayon art work on the tv cabinet ! These surprises aren’t high on my excitement list but they always seem to be redeemed with a cuteness overload surprise like the girls holding hands and dancing or giving each other a hug !


Anyway when I heard about the summertime surprise project, I was excited to get involved !


Lovely lucy over at Capture by Lucy arranged a ‘summertime surprise project ‘. She pairs you up with a partner and you send each other some little treats in the post ! You are provided with your partners name, their likes and the budget (£5-10)  and off you go !

I was paired with Lucy who runs ‘from lucy with love ‘ blog ( pop over and have a read it’s full of lovely posts ) . I had a good read and knew lucy had recently got married, loved stationary and inspirational quotes, a perfect match for me and I set about putting together some personalised items for Lucy.


I knew lucy liked postcards so I thought I would design some personalised vintage ‘Lucy Mail’ and added the ‘with love lucy’ to the cards. A couple of my favourite quotes for inspiration love audrey hepburns ‘believe’ quote and I finished off with some true love ribbon and pegs to hang the quotes on.


In the midst of my chaotic week of cot to bed change with the girls it was so lovely to receive a surprise in the post. Lucy had picked such thoughtful items , rose bunting, an initial print and pretty crafty tape all wrapped beautifully !


I loved being part of this project and will be signing up again for the autumn one, but in the meantime I’ve been putting together some mini surprise post for my favourite friends and family, it really did cheer me up to receive something so thoughtful especially on ‘one of those days’ !

Have a good week mamas and hope it’s filled with good surprises xoxo

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