Life is like a road trip – Bumpy roads and beautiful views !

Happy August ! I’m not sure where this year is going but it’s going by in a heartbeat !


July was such a busy month with ups and downs ! One thing I’m constantly learning is that I’m constantly learning along the parent road trip we’re on. Toddlerhood with twins is delightful and challenging ! They are constantly testing boundaries whilst I’m learning how best to manage each new situation but even on a bad day they reward me with something and I’m thankful to them for that. This week we went walking just the three of us ,no buggy ( well Gracie’s dolls buggy) and they held my hands and it was bliss – there was one small escape but i’ll take that.


I’m blessed that I am surrounded by mamas who are further into this road trip than I am. I look to them for advice and reassurance. My always go to girl is my cousin and mama to 3. She is amazing and we keep each other sane with our daily texts, we FaceTime with crazy hair and screaming kids in the background and we make each other laugh with relief amongst the crazy days. I love her and was so excited to become a fairy godmother to her newest little person !


I’m well aware that I’m blessed to just be dealing with these daily challenges as when life throws you a curveball that’s when the hard times really set in. I know what it’s like to have your whole world turn upside down in an instant and carry that with me always.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do and whatever your going through right now I hope the storm passes quickly and you find the strength to dance in the rain again soon.

Have a good weekend mamas xoxo

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