Never stop Exploring !

I am loving this summer weather we’ve been having and although it’s pretty changeable I do feel like we’ve enjoyed a lovely summer so far.  That said when the prospect of a summer holiday was put to me I was searching for my passport quicker than a lost dummy at nap time.

image image

So when this months ‘My Little Box’ turned up I was even more excited that I would be able to use the items in sunnier climbs !  First up is this cute little travel Wallet organiser, perfect for storing your passport and documents.


The products this month were all holiday friendly and all wrapped up in a sweet little canvas tote. Inside a sweet smelling after sun, an Essie Polish in a hot pink/coral holiday colour and Garnier’s new make-up remover/cleanser handy for saving room in the toiletries bag !


There were a couple of fun items that I’ll try out on holiday – a little notebook to capture memories and some dainty body transfers.

image image

So apart from being bikini ready I’m all set for our holiday with some of my favourite people ! It’s going to be interesting flying with toddler twins so if you have any advice let me know !

Have a good week Mamas xoxo

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