Audrey’s bubbles !

I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and a few weeks ago I was excitedly awaiting the arrival of ‘Audrey at Home’ – it’s a book written by Audrey’s son packed with memories & recipes.


After browsing through the pages I decided the very first recipe I would try would be Audrey’s Peach Bellini ! A Perfect weekend treat for a mama of toddler twins !


It’s really quick and easy, all you need is Prosecco & peaches ! Leave the Prosecco to chill in the fridge throughout the day, I checked on mine at regular intervals and in between twin toddler disputes over who wanted to eat the 3 day old ( or longer !) Cheerio found behind the princess castle, I knew the colder it got the nearer it was getting to refreshment time !

Bath & Bedtime done and I whipped down to the kitchen and cut the peaches and squeezed the juices into my glass.  I added the chilled Prosecco and that was it !


Audrey suggest’s you serve immediately and who am I to disagree with Audrey ! If I was to add my own serving suggestion it would be some pamper products and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a perfect companion to a perfect weekend treat of bubbles !


Enjoy mamas xoxo

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