Lavender Daze

This week I’m certainly feeling like summer is drawing to a close, the rainy afternoons & first falling leaves by the front door are telling me Autums just around the corner. Autumn is my all time favourite season and I’ve got lots of posts dedicated to ‘ Falling into Fall’ coming up.

But while the summer is still clinging on and the sunshine made a glorious appearance we set off for a day amongst the lavender fields of Hitchin.


As we arrived and parked the car you were immediately met with a lavender filled breeze and I felt myself relax.

The girls set off amongst the rows of flowers with their little bags ready to pick some blooms.

image image

Here we are playing hide and seek amongst the sunflowers !

image image

The scenery, the smells and warm summer afternoon sent me into a lavender daze of happiness & we picked enough to fill the house with flowers & make some bouquets for friends.

image image

If you get the chance to visit it’s well worth a trip and I’m not sure if it was the mountains of lavender scenting the journey home but the girls were asleep by 6pm for the night !

Have a great weekend mamas


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