Hello September !

Hello September ! I’ve been getting the house ready for autumn this week, organising all the decor pieces I like to dot around the house, burning candles and digging out chunking knit socks & cardis ! Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year ?


In between the usual weeks antics I finally had a chance to mooch through this months little box.


A bit of a boho inspired theme this month & I love the little quote cards, little pick me up’s if you will.

Inside I found a cute bag designed by Antik Batik, which I’m going to take away on holiday with me. I love these hair bands, I wear my hair up 99.9% of the time and get through loads of bands & these are really soft and easily manage by mane !


Some great products too. I was literally coming to the end of my usual blusher & cheek stain so these came at just the right time. You literally need the smallest amount of the stain, like barely a smidge for both cheeks. The blusher feels really silky smooth and I’m hoping it will enhance my post holiday tan a little longer. I love how fresh the body milk smells & I’m going to use this when I go away.


If you pop back next week I’m going to be posting all about my autumn must do’s ! I’ve been getting the girls wardrobe ready for the new season so will share my favourite finds as well.

Have a lovely day mamas xoxo

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