Once upon a time …

Yesterday,the snow fell & for me this magical scattering of snowflakes signalled winters arrival.

We played in the snow most of the morning and then spent the afternoon snuggled up under a blanket drinking warm milk watching movies & reading books.

The girls love getting cozy and listening to a good story. They have their usual favourites which they insist on each evening at bedtime, but I decided each month to introduce a new book. This month was ‘ The Princess and the Pea’ which was a lovely christmas gift from some friends.


I had already brought the bedding & the girls love looking for the ‘pea’ in their bed !

I’ve found a Valentine’s inspired one for next month and if your over on Instagram I’ll be sharing our monthly books over there.

If you have any suggestions for must reads I’d love to hear them.


Nikki x



National Treasures !

In my ongoing attempts to keep the girls busy & active I decided to join the National Trust. For the last couple of months we’ve been visiting some beautiful places and had some amazing family days out.

image image

The girls are always exhausted from all the fresh air and running & I feel like I’m living in a Jane Austen novel for an afternoon !

I’ve been really impressed with all the ones we’ve been too so far, They are really welcoming and family friendly, and when I’m on my own with the girls I feel confident to let them run around without too much worrying !

image image

If your looking for some family days out this summer I’d really recommend checking out their summer holiday events too, lots going on in beautiful surroundings and if the sun is shining it really is a winner.  We’ve enjoyed teddy bears picnics & woodland lunches, tree climbing, fairy searching & a stroll through sleeping beauty’s forest !

image image imageimageimageimage

In honour of joining I brought some worthy Wellington boots as you never know what the British summer weather will be like !

image image

Sometimes we pack a picnic and other times we’ve eaten in the tea rooms. Both involve scones & jam ! Yummy !


If you’ve got bubble loving toddlers then don’t forget to pack your bubbles ! The girls loved racing around the gardens in pursuit of them !

image image

They really have been lovely little adventures so far & we are hoping to visit as many as we can over the next year. Let me know if you have any recommendations !

Have a good weekend mamas xoxo

Twins about to turn two !

Where is this year going ?! I can’t believe it’s May already ! I hope you all had a great Easter, ours was chocolate filled though we did a few Easter egg hunts so pretty sure I burned off the extra calories chasing around after the girls !


The girls are about to turn 2 and it only feels like yesterday that I was waddling about barely able to move waiting to have them ! I’ve been busy making preparations for their birthday, twin daddy gave me strict instructions that I was not throwing a big party this year so we are having a ‘gathering’ at our house instead , I’m hoping it’s sunny as the guest list is bigger than our tiny living room can cope with and my whole party , I mean gathering, revolves around a gazebo in the garden !

I’ve spent ages planning the theme and bringing all the small touches together so I hope the girls enjoy it. I will post all the pictures and details after the party !  Last year we did Alice in Wonderland and we’ve gone for a princess theme this year !


They are growing up so fast which is lovely to watch but it makes me miss the baby stage ! I keep going back and fourth on when/if to expand our family but I think for now we will enjoy the rest of this year as a family of four and leave anything else in the hands of the stork !


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart – Pooh

Happy Mother’s Day ! I’m enjoying a cup of tea in bed and listening to radio 2 ! A perfect Mothers Day treat !


It’s been such a busy couple of months it’s nice to slow down for a morning and relax ! I’ve been working on lots of new ideas for the facebook page which has been filling up any spare time I have. I love designing the stationary range so do keep an eye out for the new products and I’ll be blogging party ideas too !

Anyway, the last few weeks have seen some new changes – Twin daddy started a new position at work which meant he doesn’t get days off in the week so he couldn’t look after the girls on the days I worked. So they have started nursery and they love it. There is some tears at drop off from them and me but we are a few weeks in now and it’s getting easier, they are almost two but it’s still hard to let get ! The flip side is twin daddy is home every weekend which has been amazing, we are able to have proper family time and spend quality time together so I am really making the most of it !


So after the initial change in routine I’m starting to get the nursery drop off down,  it’s VERY manic in the house on a Monday morning as I try and get two busy toddlers dressed,fed and out the door by 8am whilst ensuring I look work presentable ! Last week, I had an early meeting and was rushing around as usual, the girls were hiding their shoes and coats, and I was using my new liquid crayon blusher (my make up routine is 45 seconds, foundation, eyeliner, mascara & blusher crayon !!) as I applied it one of the girls started to ride along on the others back ( daddy is normally the role of the donkey !) and as I flew out to stop an injury I forget to rub in the crayon. So once we were finally bundled into the car and off I didn’t even realise I looked like bosco the clown ! Thankfully I caught sight of myself in the car mirror as we pulled up to nursery !

The following week one of the girls had a fall at nursery . I spent the evening at the hospital as they thought she had fractured her clavicle but after X-rays and a follow up a few days later she was given the all clear, unfortunately we picked up the vomiting bug and spent most of last weekend confined to the house – we went through so much laundry we ended up sleeping on towels !

The girls are turning two in May and I still don’t know where the time has gone ! I am honestly so thankful for all the chaos and truly blessed to be their mummy!  There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have children and following years of fertility treatment and a breakdown in a relationship it was something I had to try and accept.


When I met twin daddy I was really honest about the fertility issues and he was so understanding. We were just about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary when I was complaining about feeling poorly. I’d been working lots and traveling lots of miles in the car so I put it down to being run down.  So when my friend suggested I took a pregnancy test I laughed at her, twin daddy had been working loads we hadn’t even seen each other, but I agreed and brought the cheapest one ! I remember literally throwing it when it came back positive ! I rushed out to the shops and brought more all of which said the same thing ! I’d been bleeding so called the doctors and was sent for a scan the following day – as we laid on the bed the nurse turned up the sound and we heard the heartbeat it was the most amazing feeling in the world ! Then she went quiet and turned the screen from us – I started quietly panicking and after what seemed like an eternity she turned to us and said ‘ it looks like there are twins in here ‘ !


It was amazing news and I honestly feel so blessed to have been given the chance to be a mummy. They teach me so much and I’ve learned so much about myself. It has been so hard at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I lost my mum, Mothers Day was always a difficult day and having the girls has helped fill the void she left.  I am truly thankful for the legacy of love she left me to help me raise the girls the same way.  I am also lucky that I’m surrounded by strong, amazing, hardworking and loving mummies who inspire me to be the best mummy I can be.


Happy Mother’s Day Mummies – ‘ To the world you might be one just person, but to one person you might just be the world’



Tales from ‘temporary’ single mama of twins !

I am eagerly awaiting the return of twin daddy – he’s been away with work for the last 10 days so it’s been just me and the girls ! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks without him here !

He had been gone all of 3 hours when I was back at the doctors with Faith – Chicken pox complications ! Of course the appointment fell as nap time came and went so whilst waiting to pick up the prescriptions there was a twin meltdown ! The kind people in the waiting room were full of helpful words ‘ wouldn’t want to be you ‘ , ‘good job you’ve just got them and no more  ‘ !

That evening the girls decided they don’t need bath seats and much better to stand up and down , in & out of the seats ! As I was getting one out the other climbed out and two wet babies were running around on a wooden floor ! I scooped them both up into the cots with no time to put nappies on – within 0.25 seconds faith was weeing everywhere !!! I quickly got the nappies on and transferred her into Gracie’s cot while I changed the bedding- they were suddenly quiet and as I turned around Gracie was  giving Faith a ‘foot up’ and she had one leg over the cot !  Clearly thinking cot jail break was the way to go Gracie quickly pulled her self over the bars ! I have never gotten gro-bags on so quickly !!

Thankfully the next few days passed by with just the ‘normal twin chaos’  toilet roll displays in supermarkets pulled over, me leaving the house in a hurry and bra less a couple of times , twins attempting to de baby proof the house , etc ! Standard daily stuff.

image image

Both girls are walking really well now and faith has caught up really quickly – seems even chicken pox and piriton won’t slow her down ! Anyway,instead of a buggy afternoon walk I thought we would try actually walking …. I’m not that brave yet so thought I would use little reins.  I got them on the girls and off we trotted. After a couple of minutes both girls decided to get down and start crawling ! They haven’t crawled in weeks and suddenly I’m a crazy lady walking my twin toddler puppies on leads !

Day 9 of flying solo rolled around and I thought I better start preparing for daddies return ! I want to have a chilled movie night with him so I’ve made a little ‘welcome home movie kit’ with all his favourite treats , we went to the local farm shop to stock up on some yummy food !



I’ve not had much time for myself the last couple of weeks but as it’s also twin daddies birthday this weekend,  I dedicated 15 minutes of the girls nap time to preparing myself for his return – I even used a brand new razor !


Although, it’s been hectic and lonely at times I think we’ve managed ok. I managed to stick to spending very little money ( it doesn’t count if it’s on the next account !)  and we’ve been to the zoo ( ok local farm with a pig and donkeys !) and the aqaurium ( The fish section at the garden centre – They had a stingray !)

I’m lucky I have fab friends who have visited and my lovely cousins sending care packages ( chocolate based !) have gotten me through but I can’t wait for twin daddy to come home !


Is that a thermometer in your ponytail ?

It’s been a pox of a week ! Chicken pox has struck the one we call Faith ! It all started off innocently enough with a little rash on her chest Monday evening – she was still tearing around stealing dummies and causing standard daily destruction so I wasn’t too concerned.


Gracie has been struggling with her teeth and I spent most of Monday evening into Tuesday morning tending to her to the point where I actually slept on the landing floor ( townhouses and teething toddlers don’t mix !) , so through bleary eyes on Tuesday I noticed faiths rash was spreading . In my usual rash related panic I rushed off to the doctors before I put a bra on and of course that’s the day I wore a sheer t – shirt ! Thankfully I realised my error in the car park, though my only option was to put on a winter coat I keep in the boot of the car – it was 25 degrees that day but it was sweat or flash !  The doctor assured me it was just a viral rash or an allergic reaction to something.

So Wednesday I headed to work whilst twin daddy looked after the girls and during his photo updates it was clear the rash was spreading to her face – more medical assistance suggested to try piriton.  Thankfully,  the school holidays meant the M25 was kind to me and I was home for bath time and that’s when I thought this is not right – I’ll give it until the morning and let the piriton kick in.  It didn’t ! So back to the doctors where I didn’t even get sat down in the waiting room before numerous grannies came and diagnosed ‘ The Pox’ ! ….. The doctor was really nice, confirmed the pox and wished me luck as he sent me on my way !

Whilst queuing for the calamine lotion and calpol a lady tapped me on the shoulder ‘ excuse me miss you seem to have a thermometer in your hair ‘…… Yep that’s about right and there it will stay ! Nurse mummy for the next couple of weeks!


So we are battening down the hatches and waiting for the next bout from Gracie , and even though I’ve got support from Elsa, Anna and repunzel , wish me luck while the pox passes !



Somewhere over the rainbow !

Well it’s been another busy week and the days seem to be flying past !  The sunshine has been both lovely and annoying ! It’s so nice when it’s warm as you can nip out for walks and just enjoy some air but when it gets too hot it’s no fun ! Yesterday, those little thunder flies were everywhere , it was too hot for the girls to play in the garden and being stuck on the M6 coming home from work meant I was a hot mess !

Anyway, overall the good weather has given us a fun filled week ! The girls had their first picnic at an open air cinema, we went strawberry picking , forest walking (twice but different forests !) and then a trip to feed the ducks and eat ice cream ! We are trying to stick to a tight budget so luckily I’ve managed to do something every day that cost less than £2.50 for all of us.

So after the sun comes the storms and we actually all missed the big storms as no one woke up at all ! Still I was rewarded after one rainy evening with a double rainbow !

Anyway, here’s our week in pictures !



This too shall pass….

What a week ! ‘This too shall pass’…. has definitely been my mantra this week !


The poor girls have been poorly this week so we have been housebound, bar three trips to the doctors, and it’s not been much fun. For 4 nights we were up every hour throughout the night and the sleep deprivation and lack of energy struck me Monday when I started to feel ill. Mama down ! The house went to pot, I didn’t shower for 3 days and there may have been a big fall out with twin daddy – through sheer exhaustion and feeling sorry for myself – like I said not much fun ! Thankfully the last two nights the girls have slept well and are slowly getting better. I have gotten through 2 packets of cold and flu, 1 box of ibuprofen and 300 tea bags and just about starting to feel human again !


The girls are napping and twin daddy has nipped to the gym so I’m laying on the sofa and having a few minutes to myself.

I get so worried when the girls are ill, every symptom scares you and as soon as you stop worrying about one you start worrying about the other. Being a mama is a constant worry making sure you are doing the best you can, but when they are poorly my worrying goes through the roof and the sheer level of responsibility can be overwhelming at times especially if twin daddy is not around to offer reassuring words – luckily the girls are hardly ever poorly(knock on wood!), but when they are I’m lucky we have a lovely doctors who don’t make you feel bad for ringing and bringing them down.

Anyway, fingers crossed we are all on the mend and hopefully we can get out and enjoy some fresh air in the next couple of days !!

Twin daddy – more than a helping hand !

The weekend is here and so excited to spend some time with twin daddy and the girls.  Now I’m back working even though it’s only part time it means we usually only get one day a week all together so a whole weekend is rare !

There has been lots of teething this week and the girls have wanted to tell me all about it every morning at 3.30am ! Fortunately there was only one time when one woke the other and there were two screaming babas trying their best to wake the neighbours !  In the early days in the wee small hours of the morning two crying babies would fill me with fear – who do you comfort first ? How can you try and settle both at the same time ? It would make you feel useless, but it’s much less daunting now. I think because I’m on my own so much with the girls I’ve had to learn to overcome my worries and when you succeed at dealing with the daily mini dramas it builds your confidence.

But I’m really excited that twin daddy has some time off work during the next couple of weeks so we can enjoy some family time and the extra pair of helping hands is always welcome !  Even though I know I can do most things with the girls it’s always much easier with another pair of hands.  My friends mum came over one evening this week to see the girls and as bath time approached she took off her cardigan and offered her help – it was really appreciated and bath time was that little bit easier.

As their first birthday approaches I’ve been reflecting on how far we have all come. Those first 8 weeks were so tough especially the first three when the girls were in nicu. I actually think that stood me in good stead for the year ahead and prepared my for the start of life as a twin mama. Every evening twin daddy would leave the hospital around 10pm and then it was just me and the girls until he came back at 10am the next day. I’d waddle ( post c-section) from the ward up to nicu for midnight, 3am, 6 am until the sun came up and I know twin daddy would soon be here to help.  Most of his paternity leave was used up during our time in hospital and by the time we got home he had to go back to work a couple of days later. It wasn’t the start of family life that I had envisaged but it was reality and like I said it stood me in good stead for the first year!

Even more crazy we moved house 3 weeks later ! I was packing up boxes between the 2/3 hourly feeds !  Obviously it was stress central and we did bicker through sheer exhaustion but at the same time it made us an amazing team. He is such a hands on daddy and he has no fear of doing anything with the girls and we are so blessed to have him.

So this post is really a tribute to him, he may not always ‘hear’ the baby monitor at those 3.30am call outs but he is always ‘here’ when we need him. He is truly my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better role model for the girls to call daddy, and I’m so lucky he’s been by my side holding my hand during our first year as parents.


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