A Flossecco Affair

  • IMG_1161.JPGMeet Flossecco ! She’s my new favourite weekend tipple ! Sweet & super quick to make you are going to want to make sure she’s invited to all your summer events !


And best of all you only need two ingredients – any guesses ?!!! I like to put the candy floss in first and then pour over the prosecco but you can do it in reverse – I like a flavoured floss (this was strawberry !) – so quick and easy !



Cheers !

Nikki xx

Have courage and be kind

In a week that has rocked the world I have found myself holding onto the girls a little tighter. They are too little to understand the sadness of last weekend in Paris and I’ve found myself wanting to protect them even more than usual.


It scares me when I think about the world they are growing up in.  Paris just brings home what atrocities are happening around the world on a daily basis.

As a mother you want to protect your children but at the same time you don’t want to smother them and prevent them from seeing the beauty of the world and living a full and happy life within it.

There are two phrases that are my parenting mantra – ‘ this too shall pass’ for those tricky days and ‘ Have courage and be kind’ from a dear old friend with a love of glass slippers and it is the latter that I hope of anything I can Instill in the girls.


I want them to have the courage to pursue their dreams, to be who they want to be, to stand up for what they believe in and to be brave when things don’t go to plan but most of all I want them to be kind.

Our annual advent of traditions starts on the 1st of Dec and whilst it is filled with fun advents of decorating gingerbread men, watching Christmas movies and writing to santa I have also put in advents to spread kindness.

From our annual present appeal collecting presents for children in tough situations over christmas to a simple random act of kindness for a stranger, sometimes it’s a lottery ticket left on a car window at the supermarket or simply letting someone go ahead of me at the supermarket queue.

On dark days it’s hard to see that the world is full of kindness , but it is, and through a saddened heart we will be brave in living our lives with courage and kindness and hope for lighter days ahead.

Hello September !

Hello September ! I’ve been getting the house ready for autumn this week, organising all the decor pieces I like to dot around the house, burning candles and digging out chunking knit socks & cardis ! Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year ?


In between the usual weeks antics I finally had a chance to mooch through this months little box.


A bit of a boho inspired theme this month & I love the little quote cards, little pick me up’s if you will.

Inside I found a cute bag designed by Antik Batik, which I’m going to take away on holiday with me. I love these hair bands, I wear my hair up 99.9% of the time and get through loads of bands & these are really soft and easily manage by mane !


Some great products too. I was literally coming to the end of my usual blusher & cheek stain so these came at just the right time. You literally need the smallest amount of the stain, like barely a smidge for both cheeks. The blusher feels really silky smooth and I’m hoping it will enhance my post holiday tan a little longer. I love how fresh the body milk smells & I’m going to use this when I go away.


If you pop back next week I’m going to be posting all about my autumn must do’s ! I’ve been getting the girls wardrobe ready for the new season so will share my favourite finds as well.

Have a lovely day mamas xoxo

Audrey’s bubbles !

I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and a few weeks ago I was excitedly awaiting the arrival of ‘Audrey at Home’ – it’s a book written by Audrey’s son packed with memories & recipes.


After browsing through the pages I decided the very first recipe I would try would be Audrey’s Peach Bellini ! A Perfect weekend treat for a mama of toddler twins !


It’s really quick and easy, all you need is Prosecco & peaches ! Leave the Prosecco to chill in the fridge throughout the day, I checked on mine at regular intervals and in between twin toddler disputes over who wanted to eat the 3 day old ( or longer !) Cheerio found behind the princess castle, I knew the colder it got the nearer it was getting to refreshment time !

Bath & Bedtime done and I whipped down to the kitchen and cut the peaches and squeezed the juices into my glass.  I added the chilled Prosecco and that was it !


Audrey suggest’s you serve immediately and who am I to disagree with Audrey ! If I was to add my own serving suggestion it would be some pamper products and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a perfect companion to a perfect weekend treat of bubbles !


Enjoy mamas xoxo

Never stop Exploring !

I am loving this summer weather we’ve been having and although it’s pretty changeable I do feel like we’ve enjoyed a lovely summer so far.  That said when the prospect of a summer holiday was put to me I was searching for my passport quicker than a lost dummy at nap time.

image image

So when this months ‘My Little Box’ turned up I was even more excited that I would be able to use the items in sunnier climbs !  First up is this cute little travel Wallet organiser, perfect for storing your passport and documents.


The products this month were all holiday friendly and all wrapped up in a sweet little canvas tote. Inside a sweet smelling after sun, an Essie Polish in a hot pink/coral holiday colour and Garnier’s new make-up remover/cleanser handy for saving room in the toiletries bag !


There were a couple of fun items that I’ll try out on holiday – a little notebook to capture memories and some dainty body transfers.

image image

So apart from being bikini ready I’m all set for our holiday with some of my favourite people ! It’s going to be interesting flying with toddler twins so if you have any advice let me know !

Have a good week Mamas xoxo

Life is like a road trip – Bumpy roads and beautiful views !

Happy August ! I’m not sure where this year is going but it’s going by in a heartbeat !


July was such a busy month with ups and downs ! One thing I’m constantly learning is that I’m constantly learning along the parent road trip we’re on. Toddlerhood with twins is delightful and challenging ! They are constantly testing boundaries whilst I’m learning how best to manage each new situation but even on a bad day they reward me with something and I’m thankful to them for that. This week we went walking just the three of us ,no buggy ( well Gracie’s dolls buggy) and they held my hands and it was bliss – there was one small escape but i’ll take that.


I’m blessed that I am surrounded by mamas who are further into this road trip than I am. I look to them for advice and reassurance. My always go to girl is my cousin and mama to 3. She is amazing and we keep each other sane with our daily texts, we FaceTime with crazy hair and screaming kids in the background and we make each other laugh with relief amongst the crazy days. I love her and was so excited to become a fairy godmother to her newest little person !


I’m well aware that I’m blessed to just be dealing with these daily challenges as when life throws you a curveball that’s when the hard times really set in. I know what it’s like to have your whole world turn upside down in an instant and carry that with me always.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do and whatever your going through right now I hope the storm passes quickly and you find the strength to dance in the rain again soon.

Have a good weekend mamas xoxo

Summertime Surprise Project

I love surprises ! Since having the girls I’m greeted with surprises on a regular basis, this week I’ve been faced with a toilet incident on a cream carpet and crafty crayon art work on the tv cabinet ! These surprises aren’t high on my excitement list but they always seem to be redeemed with a cuteness overload surprise like the girls holding hands and dancing or giving each other a hug !


Anyway when I heard about the summertime surprise project, I was excited to get involved !


Lovely lucy over at Capture by Lucy arranged a ‘summertime surprise project ‘. She pairs you up with a partner and you send each other some little treats in the post ! You are provided with your partners name, their likes and the budget (£5-10)  and off you go !

I was paired with Lucy who runs ‘from lucy with love ‘ blog ( pop over and have a read it’s full of lovely posts ) . I had a good read and knew lucy had recently got married, loved stationary and inspirational quotes, a perfect match for me and I set about putting together some personalised items for Lucy.


I knew lucy liked postcards so I thought I would design some personalised vintage ‘Lucy Mail’ and added the ‘with love lucy’ to the cards. A couple of my favourite quotes for inspiration love audrey hepburns ‘believe’ quote and I finished off with some true love ribbon and pegs to hang the quotes on.


In the midst of my chaotic week of cot to bed change with the girls it was so lovely to receive a surprise in the post. Lucy had picked such thoughtful items , rose bunting, an initial print and pretty crafty tape all wrapped beautifully !


I loved being part of this project and will be signing up again for the autumn one, but in the meantime I’ve been putting together some mini surprise post for my favourite friends and family, it really did cheer me up to receive something so thoughtful especially on ‘one of those days’ !

Have a good week mamas and hope it’s filled with good surprises xoxo

Sail away with me mama !

Eeeek ! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here, the girls decided to climb out of their cots …. In their sleep bags ! Cue panic attacks and copious glasses of vino ! Bedtime , nap time it’s all party time for them and the new found freedom has sent us all into Chaos ! They have pulled out the contents of the wardrobe to play hide and seek , climbed into each other’s beds to jump up and down and literally done anything possible to stay up as long as possible ! Drastic measures were called for and I quickly looked for my gina ford book who helpfully tells you to ride it out and nothing about dealing with two ! I’m chanting my mantra ‘ this too shall pass’ to help me through !


Whilst in the midst of this transiston I was delighted to receive this months My Little Box. With days spent trying to tire the girls out this was just the little treat I needed, unfortunately due to above chaos I’ve barely had time to try it out, but as things have started to settle back down I was able to delve into it yesterday.


This months box had a nautical theme and I love the details in the packaging. After a twin related dispute with my favourite sunglasses I was over the moon to have these cute glasses in the box, I’ve not stopped wearing them !


The the canvas tote was covered in bows and I’m using it to store the girls thousands of hair clips and bows ! This months products were a nail varnish, hair serum and body exfoliator perfect for holiday prep ! There were also a couple of cute pop up bags which I’m going to use to store bits in the bathroom.

I’m hopeful for a better week but who knows, being a twin mama to toddlers is full of surprises and although it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks their little personalities make up for the chaos and keep me sane (ish) !

image image imageimage

Have a great weekend mamas xx

Mama moments – Girls date night

I think I mentioned before I’m a big movie fan, Before the girls arrived, twin daddy and I spent many a night at the cinema or tucked up in bed watching a film. We used to do back to back films at our local cinema and it was a sad day when we put our unlimited passes away !  Now most of our movie nights are at home and I sometimes make extra touches to make it feel like we are in a date night !


Thankfully two of my favourite girly friends are always willing to come with me to see the latest chick flick !

This week my ‘mamas moment’ was a trip to the cinema to see ‘ The Longest Ride’, now pretty much everyone who knows me, knows my favourite film is The Notebook, so any Nicholas sparks films are always on my list to see, they can be a bit cheesy for some, but I’m a girl who likes the cheese, the more the better I say and I’m a girl who loves romance and these films give it to me in heaps ! I love all the books so I was excited to see the film.


The lead character is a cowboy and I have currently spent the last couple of days persuading twin daddy to wear a Stetson and talk southern to me !

Anyway, it’s set in North Carolina and the scenery and country music soundtrack were both right up my street. The two love stories run together throughout the film and flick between the 1940’s and the present day.  I won’t go into the story in case your planning to see it but if your a sparks fan you’ll enjoy this romantic tale of love overcoming challenges.

Stock up on tissues as it’s a bit of a weepy ! You’ll come away wanting a cowboy of your own or feeling grateful for your own cowboy waiting at home for you !


More mama moments next week !

Have a good weekend mamas xx

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